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Be a Scholar!

[Be a Scholar] Programme

Be a Scholar!

About the Programme

To encourage students to excel further in 2021, Snapask would like to reward them with even more support in their educational journey.

Snapask users from Primary 1 up to Secondary 5 are eligible.
Subscribe to Snapask Scholarship Plans, provide proof of improvement in exams, and be automatically eligible for the benefits!
Programme registration till 31st July 2021.

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Programme Details

[Be a Scholar] Programme

$ 999

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Programme Details


Scholar Price

Scholar Price

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※1. Eligibility of programme benefits

1. To be eligible, user must be on one of the Snapask Scholarship Plans: Clever (monthly) or Gifted

2. To qualify for the programme, user must submit result slip from CA1, SA1 or prelims upon purchase. Improvement of one grade in any of the submitted subjects will ensure awarding of the scholarship benefit.

3. User must have asked at least 50 valid questions on Snapask for the subject with the grade improvement*

4. The scholarship benefit will be granted in the form of $500 worth of Snapask credits or $300 worth of cash vouchers if proven that the user has completed secondary school.

*If your school does not use grade scoring, please register first and then contact us to advise on the grading details.

※2. Payment terms and subscription plans

1. Once payment has cleared, the sessions will be credited at once with a validity of 6 months.

※3. Other terms & conditions

• Each user will only be entitled to the scholarship programme once in a year.

• Snapask reserves the rights to modify the terms and conditions of this offer without prior notice.

• In case of any dispute, Snapask reserves the right to make the final decision.

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Copyright © 2021 Snapask — All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2021 Snapask — All Rights Reserved